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Resend Serial
If you purchased the full version from Google Play Store you will NOT have a serial code and you should NOT need to enter one. Just install the "FoxFi Key" app from Play Store and that will unlock the full version of both PdaNet+ and FoxFi! You would only have been sent a serial code if the purchase was made from Paypal/our website.

To retrieve your serial code, please enter your purchasing/Paypal email address you used to buy PdaNet:

Email Address (required):
Your name:

Need Help Unlocking

If you are having problem reinstalling the "FoxFi Key" app, or need other help unlocking the full version, please fill out the form below. Please paste your order receipt email in "Details" if possible.
Your name:
Email (used for purchase):
Android Version: (enter number such as "5.0")