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Please read the following agreement before purchasing PdaNet+(FoxFi) for Android.
1. You can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

2. We do not provide any warranty for the software. Your carrier may find ways to stop your tether usage in the future and we are not responsible. For example if you change your phone or update your phone system our software may stop working and you will not get a refund outside of the above refund window.

3. This is for the Android version only and only works on Android phones.

4. The price of a single PdaNet+ license is $14.94 ($7.95 now for a limited time). This will unlock trail expiration in both PdaNet and FoxFi. You can reuse the license when you switch to a new Android phone.

5. Please select the "Agree" button to continue purchase through Play Store. After the purchase make sure the "FoxFi Key" app is installed on the phone.