Compatibility Check

*New! FoxFi is now part of PdaNet+. PdaNet+ contains everything in FoxFi plus the capability to connect in USB mode. Use the following table to verify if your phone's Android version is supported in WiFi mode. If your phone is not supported please use Bluetooth mode or USB mode instead in PdaNet+.

*If you have one of the following models, the latest Android update has broken WiFi mode but it may still be possible to support it in future FoxFi updates: Samsung Epic Touch (Sprint), HTC Rezound (Verizon), LG Lucid (Verizon), T-mobile Galaxy SII and Samsung Proclaim.

The list below may not be complete or accurate.


Motorola Razr4.1Jelly Bean is now supported
Motorola Razr Maxx4.34.4KitKat (4.4) blocks WiFi mode
Motorola Bionic4.1Jelly Bean is now supported
Motorola Droid X2.3
Motorola Droid X22.3
Motorola Droid 2 Global2.3
Motorola Droid 44.1Jelly Bean is now supported
Motorola Droid 32.3
Motorola Droid 22.3
Motorola Droid Pro2.3
Motorola Droid 1not supported
Motorola Razr M4.34.4KitKat (4.4) blocks WiFi mode
Motorola Razr Maxx HD4.34.4KitKat (4.4) blocks WiFi mode
Samsung Charge2.3
Samsung Galaxy S III4.4KitKat (4.4) is now supported
Samsung Galaxy Nexus4.2
Samsung Fascinate2.3
Samsung Stratosphere2.3
Samsung Continuum2.2
Samsung Illusion2.3
HTC ThunderBoltnot supported
HTC Incredible 2not supported
HTC Rezound not supported
HTC Incrediblenot supported
HTC Incredible 4G LTE4.0
LG Vortex2.2
LG Ally2.2
LG Spectrum2.34.0 (?)
LG Lucid2.34.0 (?)
LG Revolutionnot supported
LG Enlightennot supported
HTC DNA4.4If you see "Call to Subscribe", try Cancel and turn on until it works.
Samsung Galaxy S44.4KitKat (4.4) now supported
Motorola Droid Maxx4.34.4KitKat (4.4) blocks WiFi mode
Motorola Droid Ultra4.34.4KitKat (4.4) blocks WiFi mode
Samsung Galaxy Note 34.4KitKat (4.4) now supported
Motorola Droid Mini4.34.4KitKat (4.4) blocks WiFi mode
Motorola Moto X4.24.4KitKat (4.4) blocks WiFi mode
Samsung Galaxy S54.4KitKat (4.4) now supported
LG G2not supportedWiFi mode not supported on this phone
Samsung Galaxy Note 24.4KitKat (4.4) now supported
HTC One (Max/M8)4.4If you see "Call to Subscribe", try Cancel and turn on until it works.


Samsung Epic 4G2.3
Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S II)2.34.0 (?)
Motorola Photon2.3
HTC EVO 4G LTE4.04.1Do not update to Jelly Bean
HTC EVO 4Gnot supported
Samsung Galaxy S III not supported
Samsung Conquer 4G2.3
Samsung Replenish2.3
Samsung Nexus S 4G4.04.1Do not update to Jelly Bean
HTC EVO 3Dnot supported


Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket 4.0
ZTE Merit2.3
Samsung Infuse 4G2.2
Samsung Galaxy S III4.24.34.3 breaks WiFi mode
Samsung Samsung Galaxy S II2.3
Samsung Galaxy Note4.04.1Do not update to Jelly Bean
HTC One X4.04.1Do not update to Jelly Bean
Motorola Atrix 22.3


Samsung Galaxy S II4.04.0.4(?)
Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G2.3
Samsung Galaxy S 4G2.3
LG myTouch2.3
LG myTouch Q2.3
Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G2.3
HTC One S4.04.1Do not update to Jelly Bean
Samsung Dart2.2
LG Optimus T2.2
Samsung Galaxy S IIInot supported
LG G2X2.3
HTC Sensation 4Gnot supported


HuaWei M8352.2
Samsung Galaxy Attain2.3
LG Optimus M2.2
Samsung Admirenot supported
LG Connect 4G2.3
Huawei Ascend2.2
LG Motion 4G4.0 (?)
LG Esteemnot supported

Straight Talk

Samsung Galaxy Precedent2.2
Samsung Galaxy Proclaim2.3 (?)2.3 (?)Last phone update breaks WiFi mode
LG Optimus Qnot supported
LG Optimus ZIPnot supported
Huawei Ascend Y not supported
Huawei Ascend 2not supported


Huawei Ascend II2.3
LG Optimus C 2.2
ZTE X500not supported

Virgin Mobile

LG Optimus V2.2
Samsung Intercept2.2
LG Optimus Slider2.3


LG Nexus 44.2