Set up Bluetooth connection on Android 4.x Tablet (exclude 4.4)

*If you tablet runs Android 4.4 it has a bug that breaks Bluetooth mode. Google has fixed this in Android 5.0 or later.

*Internet on Android tablet could be limited to a few apps only such as web browsing and maps. That is because a lot of tablet apps will bail out when WiFi and 4G connection is NOT detected, even though Internet is available through Bluetooth.

*The only way around the above two problems is to connect tablet to a "dead" WiFi hotspot at the same time, one that does not provide Internet access.

1. On the tablet side install "PdaNet Tablet" from Play Store.
*You can also install the apk file manually.
2. Select "Configure", then Android (Bluetooth)
3. On the phone side enable Bluetooth Mode in PdaNet+/FoxFi and make it discoverable.
4. Select your phone from the tablet and finish the pairing process.
5. Connect and your tablet will be online instantly.